Why Playa Jacó is the best destination to surf?

Why Playa Jacó is the best destination to surf?

Jacó is called “The Surfing Paradise” and there are plenty of reasons for this classification.

To begin with, the water has a warm temperature all year round. Not even a cold person is hard to submerge and one can stay surfing until the sun goes down and still does not feel cold. Rather, one comes out of the water because he no longer sees the shadows of the waves and not the temperature.

The beach has waves all year round. We do not depend on storms that travel across the globe, or lunatic events, we have the joy of being able to get up every day and know that there will be the waves ready for us.

In summer the waves are smaller and more forgiving and in the period from May to October, the rivers enter with more volume to the sea and sandbanks are made with very interesting points to surf. The best time is at high tide, two hours before or two hours later.

There are right and left waves and even for different levels of surfers. For those who are beginning we recommend taking a class with a teacher, to learn a little about the handling of the board, the currents, the position to stand, how to paddle, how to face the waves and especially to learn safe maneuvers and edquirit  in the water so the board doesn´t hit us.

The south zone of Jacó, is one of the best to start, with smaller and safer waves and as we run towards the center and north of the beach, we already have waves of more size and speed.

Only 5 km from Jacó, is Playa Hermosa, visited by the world’s best surfers and training place for the best Costa Rican surfers. Contests are held every week for those who want to go see the best local maneuvers.

We encourage you to enjoy this sport, with magnificent scenary that you can experience sitting on the board and watch the sun go down. A unique experience in life.

Extra tip: protect yourself from the sun when you go surfing, with a sunblock (30 SPF recommended) on your face and a rash guard, so that the sun does not stop this super adventure. Bring water to drink and some fruit for when they come out of the water!